No Phone Man

Welcome to the website of a modern day natural man who lives in the woods and does not own a smart phone. Eventually, I will get rid of the laptop as well and will live in full harmony with nature, but I’m not there yet.

Path to Freedom

My path to freedom started over a decade ago when I quit my job to travel. I realized it was possible to live on very little money once you don’t have the large bills to pay – drop your phone bill, your TV licensing bill, your car insurance bill, your personal insurance bill, your hydro bill, your monthly rent, your car payment, and whatever other regular payments you have, and you realize it’s possible to get by on way less money that you would have ever imagined.

This clicked in my mind clearly and once I also dropped eating out and other costly habits that contributed little to my personal growth, I realized all I needed was to earn $300 a month to live a life of adventure without wasting the best years of my life working for the man.

There’s More to Freedom That Escaping Corporate Slavery

On my travels I ran into a number of people, who much like me escaped the corporate slavery and quit their jobs to travel around the world. However I noticed that this is where their quest for freedom ended. Mine however has barely begun.

Setting myself free from the rat race was the important first step, but it ain’t no freedom if you’re still a slave to your gadgets and can’t take your eyes off the phone. I am presently in the process of de-slaving myself from the the tech, and won’t stop until I have made them the tools of the trade only, not the tools of addiction.

Next on the agenda will be the unslavement from the internet, the use of which can easily get out of control. The final part will be the quest for achieving freedom from money. Being able to provide for yourself regardless of what goes on in the world may very well be the highest form of personal liberation achievable in the physical realm.

Unfortunately, whereas this is not as easy as it sounds in the present day world, it remains to be seen if it’s something I can eventually achieve, or will have to settle for a compromise.

Life in the Woods

I live in the woods and spend a great part of my every day foraging for wild edibles and interacting with the wildlife. I try to share my encounters and experiences on the pages of this website and in videos I publish on the video sharing websites.

As I go through life as a modern day hermit, I learn a great deal about the art of self healing, and I strive to share what I have learned in this area as well.

Thanks for joining me on the journey and I look forward to hearing how the rest of you are doing on your own personal quests for life goals.

Mark, the No Phone Man