Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Have Dirt Behind Your Finger Nails?

I have my hands in the dirt every day, most of the day. I plant things, replant things, I take care of my garden, I harvest wild edibles that grow in the dirt, some I need to dig out, and I engage in other activities that require me to handle dirt. It’s expected that people who do dirty jobs will have dirty hands.

Besides, I make videos to document how I live and what I encounter. It’s not a beauty pageant for me.

Why Each Post Has the Same Video from Multiple Sources?

I publish my videos to several video streaming sites in order to give you – the viewer – a choice. The most popular video streaming site – YouTube – has the largest user base, but it’s also the most intrusive and the least transparent.

YouTube is also known for deplatforming publishers whom the overlords don’t like so in the even I get deplatformed on YouTube, there will still be an option to watch my videos because they have been uploaded to other platforms as well.

What Happened to Best Gore?

Best Gore website reached the end of the operation and is not active anymore. This was announced multiple times and with enough advance notice.

I now pursue my own interests and publish stuff I want, as opposed to what’s expected of me. I dedicated 12 years of my life to helping people, now I dedicate my life to helping animals and those closest to me.

If you like the content, you are most welcome to join me on the ride. If you don’t like it, then I wish you all the success elsewhere.

Will Best Gore Come Back?

Unlikely. At least not under my management.