First Diary Entry of Nutmeg the Squirrel – Harvesting Hornbeam Catkins in Winter

First Diary Entry of Nutmeg the Squirrel - Harvesting Longhorn Catkins in Winter

First Diary Entry of Nutmeg the Squirrel - Harvesting Hornbeam Catkins in Winter

I decided to give the adorable Red Squirrel (Sciurus Vulgaris) who had a stare-down contest with me recently a name. He’s gonna be “Nutmeg“.

This video is a cute and inspiring story narrated from the perspective of Nutmeg the Squirrel, who survives the winter by feeding on Hornbeam catkins (Carpinus Betulus), and has to watch out for predators being more exposed than usual due to the forest canopy is bare, but also it’s cold and it snows a lot and food sources are scarce. Still, it keeps its spirits up and makes the most of each day.

Nutmeg’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Winter has woven its icy tapestry across the forest, and my cozy corner among the trees feels a bit lonelier without the vibrant hues of autumn. The once lush canopy has stripped bare, revealing a maze of branches that crisscross against the wintry sky. It’s chilly, and the snow blankets the ground, muffling the sounds of the forest.

But fear not, dear diary, for I am Nutmeg, the spirited squirrel with a heart as warm as my bushy tail! As the leaves fell and the world turned to white, I knew it was time to prepare for the frosty months ahead. Longhorn catkins – my winter treasure – became the stars guiding me through the snowy landscape.

Every day, I embark on a daring quest through the snow, my tiny paws leaving delicate imprints on the frozen canvas. The world seems different now, and not just because of the cold. The once thick foliage has vanished, leaving me more exposed than ever. Luna, the wise owl, and Rusty, the sly fox, now pose a greater threat. Their hunger-filled eyes follow my every move, making each forage a dance between life and survival.

Yet, my dear diary, I refuse to succumb to the chill or the watchful eyes of predators. Instead, I choose to dance on the branches, my fluffy tail a beacon of warmth against the snow. The Longhorn catkins, delicate and dangling like winter ornaments, have become my lifeline. I gather them with diligence, creating a hidden stash in the hollow of the ancient oak – my secret pantry.

Oh, the challenges are many, but so is my resolve. Luna swoops down from her perch, a silent shadow against the twilight sky, while Rusty employs cunning tricks to outwit me. But with nimble leaps and twirls, I elude their grasp, turning the chase into a game of survival.

As the days grow shorter, I find solace in the joy of dipping my nose in the snow, leaving behind laughter as delicate as my paw prints. In the heart of the ancient oak, my cozy nest awaits, surrounded by the warmth of the catkin stash. The winter nights may be long, but my dreams are filled with the promise of springtime adventures.

Dear diary, my story echoes through the forest, a testament to resilience and cheer in the face of winter’s trials. In my tiny footprints, I hope others find inspiration to face each day with unwavering spirit. As the snow continues to fall, my indomitable cheer becomes a beacon of hope in the heart of the winter forest.

Until next time,


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  1. Hello Mark, I come from China and I’m tired of working in a company. I want to go abroad and live in the woods. Do you know which countries are suitable for me?

    1. Hello, the world is now under full control of “the nose”. There are no safe places, no suitable countries. Any country which refused to follow the science and instead turned to quackery during the plandemic, imposing lockdowns, forcing people to wear muzzles and coercing the population to get the jab is a tyranny based on lies. And since pretty much every country played along, there really is none that is safe. There are only some that are somewhat safer than others. Good luck on your quest. We live in crazy times.

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