Preparing for Fox Cubs’ First Venture Out of the Den

Preparing for Fox Cubs' First Venture Out of the Den

Preparing for Fox Cubs' First Venture Out of the Den

As you know by now, this story started with the sett of the Injured Badger, who passed away due to his injury two winters ago. His sett lay dormant and abandoned for almost two years, when it was discovered by a young badger, whom I now call Bandit the Badger.

Bandit’s work to refurbish the abandoned sett resparked my interest in it as well, so I started to monitor it a little more closely and noticed signs of activity at a side entrance. Curiosity piqued, I decide to install an additional trail camera at this entrance, initially suspecting Bandit the Badger’s occasional use. However, the footage revealed an unexpected twist — the camera captured a pair of foxes diligently using the side entrance and sharing the sett with the badger.

Observations of the foxes visiting the den frequently, carrying food in their mouths, lead to a compelling theory. I believe that the foxes are nurturing their young cubs within the sett, providing nourishment as they grow. Anticipating the moment when the cubs venture outside for the first time, I strategically positioned an extra trail camera facing the entrance directly.

Although finding a suitable nearby tree for mounting proved challenging, I improvised and placed the camera on a more distant tree. Despite the slightly greater distance, the camera captures a clear and direct view of the entrance, ensuring that no precious moments are missed.

With bated breath, I await the heartwarming sight of the fox cubs emerging from the sett. Two cameras stand at the ready, offering distinct perspectives to document their initial steps into the world. Be prepared to witness an enchanting chapter in the lives of these elusive creatures, revealing the intricate dynamics within the den and the enduring beauty of nature’s wonders.

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