White Helleborine (Cephalanthera Damasonium) – Documenting Growth of Wild Orchid

White Helleborine (Cephalanthera Damasonium) - Documenting Growth of Wild Orchid

White Helleborine (Cephalanthera Damasonium) - Documenting Growth of Wild Orchid

Wild Orchids are not something I routinely see in my woods. As a matter of fact, in over 2 years that I’ve been browsing the forest daily, this is the first time to have come across some. I don’t remember seeing any last year or the year before. Only this year.

I have already made a video about the existing find, which included a unique Bird’s Nest Orchid, (Neottia Nidus-avis), as well as the rare Helleborine (Cephalanthera sp.). At the time of the discovery it was not possible to reliably tell which species of the Helleborine I was looking at, but because as an Orchid, the Helleborine is quite rare, I’ve been monitoring it and have documented its growth.

Now that the Orchid has started to form flowers, it’s become quite clear that it’s most likely the White Helleborine (Cephalanthera Damasonium).

Since the discovery of the first specimen, I have come across another one right on the trail between the loctions of the Injured Badger’s Hole, which then became the location of the Smiley Vixen’s Den, and the Lower Scratchpost, which is a location with a group of European Larches used by the wild animals to scratch their itchy furs against. That Helleborine however was very small and had no visibly developing buds.

Later yet, I stumbled upon yet another location with two Helleborines growing about a meter from each other. One of them started forming buds, while the other was all leaves only.

About a week later, I revisited all three locations and document the progress in the growth. The location with two Helleborines had the one with buds forming nice white flowers while the one with only the leaves was still with only the leaves. The Helleborine which was the first I’ve found, as well as the biggest, bloomed nicely with multiple white flowers. And the Helleborine on the trail hasn’t grown one bit.

I suspect that part of the reason why the Orchids grew so little and look so small and rough along the edges is because the area has gone through a severe and prolonged drought. It’s been incredibly dry for weeks on end and during that time we only had a small sprinkle with so few drops, I could almost count them all.

Consequently, I deliberated carrying a bottle of water to the Orchids and watering them, but decided against it in order to avoid spoiling them so they grow to be tough and hardy plants. They have sprouted during the drought. I think they got it in them to survive it.

I’m really excited about these rare orchids and plan to keep documenting their growth. I may make another video about them later on.

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7 thoughts on “White Helleborine (Cephalanthera Damasonium) – Documenting Growth of Wild Orchid”

  1. I agree, let Nature determine e
    whether that plant grows or not

    Just when I was trusting this android samsung galaxy S10 phone that I have, it started Not working.
    I am thinking I will have to throw it away soon, this is no way to live/exist.
    Btw, have been reading 4 books on the German holocaust, very up setting.
    I have to get Away from. These people soon.
    Beautiful video on the flower, I agree with you to leave it alone and let Nature determine if it lives or dies.
    You’re doing wonderful work my friend.
    CW Anderson
    Washington DC.

  2. Yes, I appreciate your video and agree this plant/flower must live or die w/out assistance.
    Just like everyone else, and all the people around us. We cannot help them, and it is not my responsibility.
    Cheers my Friend !

    1. I am thinking of moving to the country soon, lower Worcester County Massachusetts, just above the Connecticut border. Lots of space and quiet place to grow some plants.
      I’ve been in Washington DC since 1987, so I know a few things. One thing is They will build a wall around the inner city here. Solomons Temple? I believe that will begin to happen soon.
      The USA is finished. Done.

      1. Good luck on your move, if you decide to go through with it. Hope all goes well. The world is quite unpredictable these days. A little self sufficiency could go a long way…

  3. You know how the Jew loves walls. This is already I full effect under the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan has been “on the table” for five years.

    There is no doubt in my mind Washington DC will be the New Jerusalem.
    And there will be a Wall around it, no question. They have already outlined the exact area.
    No problem, let Them have it. What pathetic pitiful lovers these people are. Makes me laugh, They are so weak.

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    I was living on Alberta Avenue when you where in jail for three years, I wanted to come visit you but I didn’t because I would be exposing myself by doing so.
    I have a handler now so it doesn’t really matter anymore, I wanted to reach out to you and say say your not alone in your struggle…
    Much love in the name of Christ Jesus…. the son, the only name of salvation.

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